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5291 Valleydale Road
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Fancy Fur Pet Grooming and Boutique is your one stop pet store for all your pet's needs. From full grooming services and premium foods to designer pet apparel, Fancy Fur has everything to spoil your furry friend.

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Puppy Program

Train your puppy to love grooming while they're young, and you'll have a dog who loves going to the salon.

Puppy Program

With our puppy program, your puppy will learn our grooming process so that they love coming to the salon when they get older.

Regular grooming is essential to keeping your pup happy and healthy. And the best way to have a dog who loves getting groomed is to start them while they're young. Our puppy program has been very successful in starting a proper grooming experience for your dog. The program is designed to keep the puppy's well being in mind and to help the puppy learn the grooming process.


How it works

The puppy program starts after all puppy vaccinations are finished. Owners are encouraged to bring the puppy in every 2 weeks for the first 3 or 4 sessions. 



A happy dog that loves getting groomed and loves going to the salon.